What is Market Project?

Market Project is a collaborative initiative by eight artists who are all based in the East of England. We work regionally, nationally and internationally in a variety of media including painting, installation, performance, digital work and beyond. Between us we have an extensive record of exhibitions, sales, commissions and residencies with many leading galleries, collectors, public institutions and private companies in the UK, Europe, North & South America, and Asia.

The Market Project collective is researching and sharing new methods or opportunities for artistic professional and economic development. This is a unique and pioneering experiment in artists taking direct control of their own career development and in peer support beyond the usual confines of the studio group or affiliations based on artistic medium or galleries.

As our name suggests, we have a specific focus on constructive engagement with economic and revenue-making aspects of the art world. Market Project also alludes to the rural and small-town character of East Anglia, where we all live and work, and the challenges created for artists and art venues by its geography, its scattered and disconnected infrastructure, and its proximity to London.

A large part of our work is a series of public forum events, bringing together the UK’s most interesting and relevant artists and arts professionals to explore the ways in which artists can make a more sustainable living from their work than most of them currently do.

As an on-going research project, this website is a key tool for expressing and sharing opinions, questions and shared knowledge, with the aim of provoking positive, artist-centred change to the existing art market models and economies.

Although collaborating with common concerns and shared goals, each Market Project member also maintains their own individual interests and practice, and these are very diverse. There is no party line or group dogma. Market Project’s members are:

Annabel Dover, Julie Freeman, Alistair Gentry, Helen Judge, David Kefford, Annabelle Shelton, Elaine Tribley and Martha Winter. Access information about each artist from the menu above.

Market Project is supported by Arts Council England’s Grants for the Arts via Escalator. Along the way we have also had in-kind support from Firstsite and a-n, the artists’ information company.

NB: We eagerly welcome comments, contributions, participation in our public events and suggestions, but please note that although members of Market Project are involved in working at various galleries, art spaces, publishers, online projects and so on, we’re not able to offer special access or shortcuts to these places. Like every part of the art world they all have their own mechanisms, opportunities and restraints with regard to what and whom they can support. We generally have little or no control over these factors and we can’t do anything to help you bypass their usual way of doing things. Nor can we provide or broker studios, performance or exhibition space on behalf of artists or curators.

If you would like to meet the people you need to meet in order to get into these places, do what we do: attend our public debates, attend exhibition openings (especially those in East Anglia, if you live here) and other events for artists, visit and engage with galleries and artists you like or admire, always be considerate and professional, and keep on learning, always.