Market Project book launch, Monday 23rd April

April 3rd, 2012 | Posted by admin in art | books | creative writing | event | slideshow

Market Project is delighted to launch our first publication, comprising a collection of specially commissioned texts about each artist in the group. These insightful, critical and engaging texts have been written by a varied group of authors, including art critics, historians, journalists and artists. Our commissioned writers (with their artist subjects in parentheses) are: Iain Aitch (Alistair Gentry), Matthew Bowman (Elaine Tribley), Laura Havlin (Helen Judge), Martin Kemp (Julie Freeman), Mark Leahy (Martha Winter), Carol Mavor (Annabel Dover), David Rayson (Annabelle Shelton) and Cherry Smyth (David Kefford).

Each text is illustrated with full-colour reproductions of selected works, individually designed (in collaboration with Marcia Mihotich) and printed to enable the book to be produced as one complete object and also broken down into separate components. An introduction to Market Project and its activities over the last two years has been written by Market Project’s curatorial member, Laura Earley. The complete book is a limited edition of 250.

Please join us for our book launch on Monday 23rd April 2012 at the Contemporary Art Society in London, 18.30-20.30. RSVP transactions [at]

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