Annabelle Shelton

Black Holes at Weymouth

Annabelle Shelton is a practising artist based in the East region. Shelton graduated from UCE Birmingham with an MA in Fine Art in 2001 and has since been represented by various galleries showing her work nationally and internationally through art fairs and exhibitions. In 2005 Shelton was shortlisted for the Discerning Eye Drawing Prize and through this gained representation at the Jill George Gallery, London. The following year she moved to the Rebecca Hossack Gallery in 2006 where her work was shown at national and international art fairs. In 2009 she joined the Rarity Gallery in Mykonos.

Shelton’s work explores the psychodynamics’ of people in place. The work is an ongoing study of the modern condition on behaviours and patterns of people. All architecture, skies, street furniture, nature are eradicated Set against white backgrounds where people participate in their every day activities. Scenes include street scenes, road crossings, events, parks and popular beach settings. These works are reproduced on large aluminium panels as drawings or watercolours. In the summer of 2010 Shelton participated in an Artist Residency at the Art Centre of Aberystwyth.
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